Fish Curry Masala


50 gm. Box

Masala Ingredients

🌱Onion 🌱 Turmeric
🌱 Red Chilli 🌱 Common Salt
🌱 Coriander 🌱 Cardamom (Small)
🌱 Garlic 🌱 Black Pepper
🌱 Tomato 🌱 Cardamom (Big)
🌱 Ginger 🌱 Clove
🌱 Cumin 🌱 Cinnamon

Fish Curry Masala Recipe


✤Need Fish 500g, ✤Cookme Fish Curry Mix 20g (4 tsp), ✤Onion Paste 8 tsp, ✤Ginger-Garlic Paste 3 tsp, ✤Tomato Paste 8 tsp, ✤Salt and Sugar to taste

How to Cook?

Take a bowl, mix ‘Cookme Fish Curry Mix’ with water to make a thick paste and keep aside. Fry the fishes in oil with a pinch of salt and turmeric and keep aside. To the same oil (fresh oil can be added if the quantity of oil seems less), sauté onion paste, ginger-garlic paste and tomato paste until oil seeps out of the paste. Then add the paste made with ‘Cookme Fish Curry Mix’ in the gravy and stir by adding salt and sugar to taste and water as per requirement. Add the fried fishes in the gravy and seam it for some time and serve hot.

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