Doi Machh Masala


50 gm. Box

Masala Ingredients

🌱Onion 🌱 Cumin Powder
🌱 Ginger 🌱 Common Salt
🌱 Coriander 🌱 Cinnamon
🌱 Garlic 🌱 Clove
🌱 Red Chilli Powder 🌱 Sugar
🌱 Cardamom (Small) 🌱 Turmeric

Doi Machh Recipe


✤Need Fish 1 kg, ✤Cookme Doi Machh Mix 25 g (5 tsp), ✤Doi (curd) 250 g, ✤Salt to taste

How to Cook?

Take a bowl and add 5 tsp (25g) ‘Cookme Doi Machh Mix Masala’ with water to make a thick paste and keep aside. Strained the curd properly, so that there is no lump. Heat oil in a pan and fry the fish lightly with pinch of salt and ‘Cookme’ Turmeric powder and keep aside.

Now add the paste made with ‘Cookme Doi Machh Mix’ in it and stir well. Mix some portion of strained curd in it and add required amount of water and cook for a while. Put the fried fishes in the gravy and cook until gravy thickens. Pour remaining curd on top of the fish. Add salt to taste. Serve hot.

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