Chat Masala


50 gm. Box | 10 gm. Pouch

Masala Ingredients

🌱Mango 🌱 Ajowain
🌱 Tamarind 🌱 Common Salt
🌱 Cumin 🌱 Sugar
🌱 Black Salt 🌱 Red Chilli Powder
🌱 Rock Salt 🌱 Black Pepper Powder
🌱 Mint Leaf 🌱 Asafoetida
🌱 Ginger 🌱 Citric Acid
🌱 Nutmeg 🌱 Pomegranate Seed

Chicken Tandoori Recipe

How to Cook?

Enrich your ready dishes with β€˜Cookme Chat Mix Masala’ for exciting flavor and an unforgettable taste. Sprinkle just a pinch of β€˜Cookme Chat Mix Masala’ over fruit chats, potato chats, samosas, tikias, pakoras, finger chips, papris, salties, dahi vadas, panipuris, salads, sprouted beans, stuffed vegetables, sandwiches, pizzas, burgers, tandoori dishes and enjoy the difference.

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