Chap Masala


50 gm. Box

Masala Ingredients

🌱Onion 🌱 Nutmeg
🌱 Ginger 🌱 Cardamom (Small)
🌱 Garlic 🌱 Clove
🌱 Caraway 🌱 White Pepper
🌱 Red Chilli 🌱 Cinnamon
🌱 Mace  

Chap Recipe


✀Need Chicken/Mutton 500 g ✀ Onion 100 g ✀ Garlic 8-9 pieces ✀ Clarified Butter (Ghee) 50 g ✀ Cookme Chap Mix 25 g (5 tsp) ✀ Rose Water (11/2 tsp) ✀ Kewra Water (11/2 tsp)

How to cook

Take a bowl and add 5 tsp (25 g) β€˜Cookme Chap Mix Masala’ with half cup water to make a thick paste and keep aside for 5-6 minutes. Make a paste with onion and garlic and keep aside. Marinate the mutton/chicken with onion-garlic paste and the paste made with β€˜Cookme Chap Mix Masala’ and keep it aside for 5-6 hours. Heat ghee in a pan, pour the marinated mutton/chicken in it and cook on a low flame. Add salt and sugar to taste and water as per requirement. When it is completely cooked, add rose water and kewra water in it. Serve hot.

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