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Obtained by fine grinding black pepper, black pepper powder (‘Kali Mirch’ in Hindi, ‘Gol Morich’ in Bengali) is one of the most popularly used ingredients in Indian dishes.

History and Origin

For many ages, the West has been fascinated with the spices originated in India. It turned out to be the most essential commodity used in trade during the by-gone era, tracing back to the Silk Route between India and China.

Black Pepper Powder forms the soul of the various components used during the synthesis of these sought after Indian spices. Derived from Sanskrit word ‘Pippali’, Latin ‘Piper’, the condiment is home-grown in the lush green valleys of Alleppey, Kerala. The powdered form is obtained from the cultivation of a plant known as Peppercorn.

These plants are vastly found all around the globe, from the South American nations of Peru, Chile, and Argentina, to the South-East Asian countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia.

Black Pepper and its types

Pepper comes in various forms and colors such as black, white, red, pink, yellow and orange, depending upon its synthesis. Kerala hosts the heart of agriculture of Pepper. The nomenclature of Pepper in India relies on according to the region of growth and its pedigree, namely, Panniyur, Subhakara, Sreekara, Panchami, Pornami.

Health Benefits

Along with its lip-smacking attributes, Black Pepper also possesses several health benefits which are extensively tapped in Ayurvedic remedies. Due to its anesthetic and analgesic properties, it is also substantially used in treatment for arthritis and inflammation.

Further, as a food ingredient, the condiment is also rich in vitamins and minerals, which may be used to treat anemia, diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases. Also, Black Pepper does not allow pathogens to fester into the food, thus keeping it fresh.

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