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The Medicinal Values Of Spices

Recent research in the field of medicinal values of spices has resulted in an ever growing knowledge base regarding the role of spices from both nutritional and pharmaceutical aspects. India is known as the ‘Kingdom of Spice’. Indians are exposed to uses of a wide variety of spices from ages and have been using these not only for increasing the flavour of cooked food, but also for their immense medicinal values.

Extensive researches in Ayurvedic and Homeopathic medicines have revealed that spices possess immense medicinal values including analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-obese, anti-ulceric and anti-emetic properties. Proper use of a single spice or in combination can relieve a variety of physical and pathological disorders. Interestingly, studies have revealed that the more pungent the spice, the more medicinal value it possesses. Scientists from all over the world are now in search of the active principles of these beneficial spices for their therapeutic importance.