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The History of Cookme: Circa 1846

Krishna Chandra Dutta
Krishna Chandra Dutta

A young spice trader from Adisaptogram in the Bardhaman district of Bengal (known as Burdwan district during the British Raj) had a dream… expand laterally, grow rapidly. Little did he realize that his vision would one day change the landscape of spice trade in undivided Bengal, as it was called then.

The young businessman, Krishna Chandra Dutta, left the village of his birth for Sutanuti, one of the three villages that early Kolkata comprised, to set up a trading base in the British capital of the East. His sole asset was the shine in his eyes and the ambition in his mind.
Hard work paid rich dividends. Krishna Chandra soon established himself at Darmahata, Sutanuti as one of the most promising spice traders of the city. Customers new and old came from far and near to Krishna Chandra’s shop for their recurring requirements.

At one point Krishna Chandra’s brother Kali Chandra denounced domestic life and worldly comforts at the prime of his life to assume sanyas. “l am leaving this world full of material gains. The path to salvation lies in the life of a sanyasi,” he said before he left. That was the last anyone ever saw of him. So, the entire burden of running the business fell on Krishna Chandra who had to single handedly assume charge of it.

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The History of Cookme: An Overview

Our founder father, Krishna Chandra Dutta, perceived the immense potential of top quality spices as a serious business venture around 1846. And so began a journey that has and still is, carving new paths to success for Cookme.

His son Judhisthir Dutta first launched the ground ready-to-cook spices as Cookme powdered spices and thus formed the brand Cookme.

Research, development and innovation had been the hallmarks of Cookme, since inception. What started as fresh top quality whole spices was packaged as ground spices in due time by Krishna Chandra Dutta’s worthy successor, Judhisthir Dutta. A step which took the hassles out of cooking, and yet which retained the flavours, freshness and aromas of the spices.

Then the oil based Curry Pastes were introduced to further simplify the cooking. Raw vegetables, fish or poultry were all that were to be arranged for a good cooked meal. Cookme ready-to-cook Curry Pastes did the rest. Today Cookme’s product list also has Mixed Masalas and Poppadums as well.