The History of Cookme: Circa 1997

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The History of Cookme: Circa 1997

Cookme’s success continued over the decades. At the end of the millennium, Cookme came up with another innovative idea. It introduced to the consumer market a range of ready-to-cook pastes with oil base starting with Mustard and Poppy seed (Posto) pastes. It was Atanu’s endeavor that resulted in another breakthrough. “The kitchen became secondary as women started to venture out to earn a living. Working women neither had the time nor the will to buy raw material, grind them and finally prepare them for cooking. We saw an opportunity there. A new segment opened up right in front of us… we saw people buying out our stocks in no time,” Atanu recollects fondly, as he traces the final growth phase of his family garden.

When Atanu entered the business (he prefers to say that he was thrown into the ring at the tender age of 14), he knew that the road ahead would be tough and long, with thorns across his path. But he was undaunted and determined to tread on.

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