The History of Cookme: Circa 1953

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The History of Cookme: Circa 1953

Judhisthir Dutta
Judhisthir Dutta: Built the packaged spices market and the Cookme brand.

Judhisthir Dutta held fort astutely while beginning to make a difference to the family business. The Second World War was over and a new era of industrialization has dawned on the whole world. India was free from the British Raj and was trying to rebuild her economy through industrialization. The Government put heavy emphasis on empowerment of women. The urban life started getting faster.

Judhisthir nurtured the idea of selling ground spices in small pouches to household consumers as an exclusive option. He believed that it will catch on as it will save a lot of time to the women in the kitchen. In those days such decisions were guided by sheer sense rather than suave marketing foresight.

Armed with his three-and-a-half decades of family experience in the spice trade, Judhisthir embarked on this new venture. Fresh dry spices of high quality were ground carefully so as not to let their aroma and freshness fade away, and packed in small consumer friendly pouches. His was the first shop which started selling fresh ground spices to the consumers. It became popular as ‘Kisto Dutta-r Mashla’. In the next five years it appears, the concept did pay off.

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