Handi Biriyani


10 gm. Pouch

How to Cook?

Need Basmati Rice 250 g, Mutton/Chicken 500 g, Potato 300 g, Ginger-Garlic-Onion Juice (made from 2 pieces onion, 2 pieces ginger and 1 piece garlic), Cookme Handi Biriyani Mix 2 tsp, Curd 100 g, Clarified Butter (Ghee), Salt to taste.

Marinate the Mutton/Chicken with 100 g curd and pinch of salt and keep it aside for 2 hours. Boil the rice and potatoes and keep aside. Take a bowl and add ‘Cookme Handi Biriyani Mix’ with water to make a thick paste and keep aside. Heat ghee in a pan, add marinated Mutton/Chicken, boiled potatoes in it and stir for a while. Add ginger-garlic-onion juice and ½ cup of water in it. Add salt to taste. Now add the ½ amount of paste made with ‘Cookme Handi Biriyani Mix’ and stir continuously until the oil gets separated from the gravy. Now separate the Mutton/Chicken and potatoes from the gravy stock and keep it aside in another bowl. Now take a separate handi and add ½ amounts of boiled rice, ghee and remaining paste made with ‘Cookme Handi Biriyani Mix’ and cook for a while to make yellow colored rice. Add Mutton/Chicken, potatoes in it and stir for a while. Now simultaneously add the remaining amount of boiled rice and the gravy stock in it and stir continuously. Add 1 tsp ghee in it and cover the lid of the handi and shake the preparation. Sprinkle some water and add salt to taste and cook for 5 minutes. Again put some ghee on the top layer of the rice and cover the handi. Keep it on a low flame for few minutes. Serve hot.


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