Egg Curry Mix


50 gm. Box

How to Cook?

Need Egg 4 pieces, Sliced Potatoes 8 pieces, Tomato 1 piece, Onion paste of 2 pieces, Cookme Egg Curry Mix 15 g (3tsp), Sugar and Salt to taste.

Take a bowl and mix ‘Cookme Egg Curry Mix’ with water to make a thick paste and keep aside. Boil the eggs and fry lightly in a kadhai and keep aside. Fry the potato pieces till light brown. Add onion paste in it and stir for a while. Now add the chopped tomatoes and the paste made with ‘Cookme Egg Curry Mix’ in it and stir well. Add sugar and salt to taste and water as per requirement. Cook for sometime. Add the fried eggs in it and cook on a low flame till the gravy thickens. Serve hot.


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