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chana-masalaReady to Cook Chana

Ingredients: Coriander, Tomato Powder, Cumin, Dry Ginger, Black Pepper, Aniseed (small), Bay Leaf, Cardamom (small), Red Chilli, Fenugreek, Kashmiri Mirch, Turmeric, Black Cumin, Cardamom (big), Asafoetida, Rock Salt, Cinnamom.

Requirements: Kabli Chana 250 grams, Baking Soda 1/4 teaspoon, Cookme Chana Masala Mix 10 – 12 grams, finely chopped Tomatoes 2 teaspoons, Salt to taste.

How to prepare: Boil soaked Kabli Chana with Baking Soda. Marinate boiled chana with salt and Cookme Chana Masala Mix for some time. Heat oil in Kadhai. Add finely chopped tomatoes and stir fry for some time. Now add the marinated chana and cook on low heat for a while. Serve hot adding chopped onions, if necessary.

Watch the video below for step by step instructions.

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radhaballaviReady to Cook for Radhaballavi

Ingredients: Chana dal, Cumin (whole), Ginger powder, Sugar, White salt, Aniseed (small), Green chili, Black cumin, Asafoetida, Mint leaf, Fenugreek.

Requirements: Cookme Radhaballavi Mix 100 g, Refined Flour (Maida), 500 g oil as pere requirement.

How to prepare: Mix thoroughly 100 grams Cookme Radhaballavi Mix with 100 ml water and keep aside for 15 minutes. Take 2 teaspoons of oil in a pan and saute the mixture on low flame. The filling of Radhaballavi will thus be ready. Mix the flour well with little oil and salt. Add sufficient water and knead it to make dough. Divide the dough proportionately into several portions. Stuff every dough with the Radhaballavi filling and roll into round size same as Luchi. Fry in hot oil and serve hot.

Watch the video below for step by step instruction.

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Butter Chicken

butter-chickenReady to Cook for Butter Chicken

Ingredients: Tomato powder, Milk solids, Kashmiri mirch, Maida, Onion powder, Coriander, Kesuri methi, Sugar, White salt, Cashew nut, Ginger powder, Garlic powder, Mango powder, Red chili, White pepper.

Requirements: Chicken 1 kg, Butter 60 grams, Cream 60 ml, Cookme Butter Chicken Mix 50 grams.
How to prepare: Brush chicken pieces with little butter and grill. Soak 50 grams of Cookme Butter Chicken Mix in a cup containing 50 ml of water and reserve. Fry grilled chicken in a pan with little oil. Add the prepared soaked spice mix while frying the chicken pieces. Add salt to taste and water from time to time till the chicken is cooked. Add 50 grams of butter simmer on low flame. Add 60 ml of cream, mix well and bring to boil. Serve hot.
*For better resultsuse boneless chicken.

Watch the video below for step by step instruction.

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alurdomReady to Cook for Alurdom

Ingredients: Tomato powder, Coriander, Cumin, Kashmiri mirch, Ginger powder, Aniseed (small), Turmeric, Cinnamon, Mango powder, Asafoetida, Cardamom (small), Bay leaf, Red Chilli, Clove, White salt.

Requirements: Potato 500 grams, Cookme Alurdom Mix 20 grams (4 teaspoons), Salt and sugar to taste.

How to prepare: Take 20 grams of Cookme Alurdom Mix in a little quantity of water to make a thick paste. Boil 500 grams of potato and keep aside. Take oil in a pan and heat it, then add boiled potato in it and fry till the potatoes turn brown. Add the masala paste that you had prepared with Cookme Alurdom Mix and fry for another few minutes. Pour water as required and boil until cooked. Add salt and sugar to taste and serve.

Watch the video below for step by step instruction.