Cookme is a household name in spices allover India. Regarded for its penchant for quality, it has been enriching taste buds and health of millions of Indians across generations.

Cookme products are made at its state-of-the-art plants in Kolkata and Bangalore.

In 1846, the times of Krishna Chandra Dutta, change was already evident. It was in the generation, the technology, in transport and in education. Yet, a revolution was needed for the mothers and daughters of the society, toiling away in the kitchens. Krishna Chandra Dutta’s progressive visions for the homemakers took form in the hands of his grandson, Judhistir Dutta in 1958. Cookme Spices came into being and nothing was the same again. Kolkata, the gastronome’s paradise was chosen as India’s first workshop of this unique venture. There was a clear objective – to make cooking easy without compromising on taste.

The world of cooking joyously welcomed Cookme powder spices. The journey began with basic spices – turmeric, coriander, cumin and chili.

As the spice business flourished, so did the smile on the faces of women, so long trapped in tedious cooking procedures. With Cookme, cooking was a matter of minutes! Cookme gradually became more than an idea or product, it was an instrument of societal change. Consequent innovations were aimed at making cooking simpler, enjoyable and delicious. This especially complemented the changing lifestyles of women who had begun to venture outdoors and earn of their own accord. Time had shrunk, expectations hadn’t.

Cookme powdered spices helped to break many a myth – that of unchallenged quality of Bengali whole spices, taste being proportional to the amount of spice being used or that spices can harm your health. Cookme has devoted time, energy and expertise on developing quality products that preserve the natural therapeutic qualities that Indian spices are known for and at the same time made them available in formats such as Ready Mix blends which follow the easy process of Add-Mix-Cook.

Spice up a little with Cookme.

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